Why We Only Use Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

We Only Use Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt

Why We Only Use
Environmentally Friendly
Ice Melt

Eco Friendly Salting

At Snow Pros, we take your health and the health of our planet seriously. That’s why we use a premium private label environmentally-conscious ice melt to take care of dangerous ice patches.

Traditional de-icing methods can pose several serious hazards, including damage to vegetation, pollution of water supplies, corrosion of cars and metal structures (like bridges), and possible health hazards to pets. The most common concoction of road salts uses sodium chloride and is actually the worst of all the salts.

We Only Use Ice Melt That Is

  • A green solution ice melt
  • Less harmful to vegetation (reduces damage to grass, trees and shrubs)
  • A safer choice for children and pets
  • Forms a protective coating on surface to guard against concrete, wood and corrosion damage
  • Designed to reduce tracking and residue problems when used correctly

Note: “Pet-friendly” means eco-friendly. Some brands may be more focused on safety to dogs, cats, and horses than safety to the landscape or water supply, but it’s a pretty good bet that if they advertise as pet-friendly, they’re better for your plants, your kids, and you.